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    For our clients, we're always ahead of the game.
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    150,000 inbound calls serviced each month.
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    Over 500 employees in Montréal & Toronto.
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    2 million outbound calls made every month.

Welcome to Gemma Communications!

We are a leading, Canadian-owned contact centre business that has been serving clients since 1999. We invite you to explore how our unparalleled services, experienced team, best-in-class technology, and extensive industry knowledge will deliver the results you want – and expect – to drive your business forward.
  • Our Team

    April: Sales Agent
    I worked as a registered nurse in the Philippines for two years, handling everything from pediatrics to surgery. I loved my job, but knew nurses were also needed outside of the hospital, so I took a job in a call centre handling medical claims. I continued to work in call centres when I moved to Canada because I liked being able to put a smile on a customer’s face. I’m proof you can succeed in this field regardless of your background, as long as you have the initiative, the drive and always try your best.
  • Our Team

    Anthony: Program Manager
    What I thought would initially be temporary work quickly developed into a meaningful career. Within a short time of starting at Gemma, I was able to advance into a new role and continued to grow from there. Today, I’m a Program Manager and have the opportunity to learn the business from a new perspective.
  • Our Team

    Fadi: Director, IT Operations
    I’m continuously aiming to excel my theoretical knowledge and recently completed my MBA. Gemma has always supported my dedication to personal growth and has presented me with many opportunities for career advancement. It’s the continuous opportunities to further my career - and the new challenges those roles bring - that motivate me.
  • Our Team

    Jayson: Insurance Team Manager
    I got my start in the insurance industry more than 10 years ago after switching from a career in funeral services. In the funeral industry, people would ask me how to file claims after a loved one passed away, but there wasn’t much I could do to help them. So, I decided to become a licensed agent, and I’m now licensed in every province. Gemma has helped me advance my knowledge and skills, increasing my value as an employee.
  • Our Team

    Jerry: Manager of Client Services & Operations
    I’ve never seen a challenge I didn’t want to meet, including the opportunity to compete for a spot on Canada’s Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team at the Sydney Olympics. I didn’t qualify, but the experience taught me how to be resilient, focused, and detail-oriented. Today, I apply these lessons to my work at Gemma. They continue to push and motivate me and have played a large part in my success and career advancement.
  • Our Team

    Karl: Team Manager
    What I love most about working for Gemma is that no two days are ever the same. It’s an always changing, fast-paced environment that works to constantly provide the best solutions for our clients and customers. Gemma has given me the opportunity to work on numerous campaigns and to progress through the ranks from Agent to Team Manager, giving me the foundation to achieve my goal of having a stable, successful career.
  • Our Team

    Vinnie: Team Manager
    I consider myself to be people-oriented and thoroughly enjoy serving our customers.I always go above and beyond to help a customer and continuously aim to provide a superior level of service. It’s easy to stay motivated at Gemma because there’s something new to learn every day and never a dull moment. I’m a driven individual and Gemma helps satisfy my personal goals.